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About Us

Mission / Role / Scope

The Art History Department studies the forms, functions, meanings, and theoretical underpinnings of the visual arts, broadly construed to encompass such activities as performance, construction, and installation as well as painting, sculpture, photography, and architecture.

Our department considers works of art in historically and culturally specific ways, situating them within systems of belief, habits of visual literacy, practices of self-formation, social and political ideologies, patterns of sacred and secular discourse, assumptions about intentionality and authority, and currencies of global and transnational exchange. We comprise four collaborative faculty clusters: Ancient Mediterranean and American; Medieval/Renaissance/Baroque; Modern/Contemporary European, American, and African; and Architectural Studies.

As a department we strive to introduce students to a rich variety of approaches to art and its study, to model for them analytical and critical thinking, and to encourage lucid writing and thoughtful response. At the graduate level, it is our mission to train students in the methods and practices of the field and to prepare them for advanced, artwork-based, interdisciplinary research with a respect for primary evidence and cultural contexts, past and present, so that they can successfully pursue careers in academic or museum work with benefit for the broader community.

Ancient Mediterranean and American

Rune Nyord Headshot
Rune Nyord
Assistant Professor
128 Carlos Hall
Renée Stein Headshot
Renée Stein
Conservator and Lecturer
Michael C. Carlos Museum
Eric R. Varner Headshot
Eric R. Varner
Associate Professor
M28 Carlos Hall


Sarah McPhee Headshot
Sarah McPhee
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Art History
M35 Carlos Hall
Walter S. Melion Headshot
Walter S. Melion
Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Art History
139 Carlos Hall

Modern/Contemporary European, American, and African

Todd Cronan Headshot
Todd Cronan
Associate Professor
M27 Carlos Hall
Susan Elizabeth Gagliardi Headshot
Susan Elizabeth Gagliardi
Director of Graduate Studies
140 Carlos Hall
Lisa Lee Headshot
Lisa Lee
Associate Professor
M41 Carlos Hall
Linda Merrill Headshot
Linda Merrill
Director of Undergraduate Studies
135 Carlos Hall

Architectural Studies

Sarah McPhee Headshot
Sarah McPhee
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Art History
M35 Carlos Hall