Undergraduate Student News

Dorothy Fletcher Paper Prize 2016-2017 competition:

The winner is Ekaterina Koposova for her paper “Maurice Scève’s Delie and the Emblematic Representation of Narcissus,” written for Walter Melion’s Emblematic Theory and Practice in the Low Countries 1150–1770, in the fall of 2016. The committee deemed it a graduate caliber paper—“a sophisticated and beautifully documented analysis of the theme of unrequited love in a sixteenth-century emblem book, further nuanced and ironized by Koposova’s astute choice of themes related to Narcissus as her focus.”
Kate will receive a monetary award and acknowledgment in the Commencement program. As you may know, she was recently awarded the Bobby Jones Fellowship and will be studying art history at St. Andrews next year.
Honorable mention goes to Darby Caso for “William Kentridge: The Procession and Memorial,” written in the spring of 2016 for Lisa Lee’s Contemporary Art after 1980.

The following students were recognized for their achievements:


Rebecca (Becky) Levitan
(minor: Mediterranean Archaeology) One of four College seniors who were awarded the Robert T. Jones Jr. Scholarship for 2013-2014, allowing them to study for a year at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Becky will enroll in the Master of Classical Studies program, a one-year hybrid history and languages degree. 


Daniel Ledford
(minor; Religion & Classical Civilization major) HIGH HONORS for Augustanization of Sacred Space: The Sanctuary of Apollo in Pompei (on thesis committee: Eric Varner) 

Rebecca (Becky) Levitan
(minor: Mediterranean Archaeology) HIGHEST HONORS for Visibility and Impact: the Role of Color on the Parthenon's Ionic Frieze (Advisor: Bonna Wescoat) 

Sarah Parks
HIGHEST HONORS for `Dis'-abilities as Divine: Bodily Anomalies and Shamanic Power in Ancient Costa Rican ceramic Effigies (Advisor:Rebecca Stone) 

William (Will) Partin III
(double-major with Music) HIGH HONORS for The Painter as Architect: Two Decorative Commissions by Henri Matisse (Advisor: Todd Cronan) 

Julia Prochazka
(double major with Spanish) HIGHEST HONORS for Mother of the Mountains: the Virgin Mary as a bridge from the Inka past to Post-colonial Christian-Andean religiosity (on thesis committee: Rebecca Stone)

Caitlin Ryan
(double-major with Anthropology) HIGHEST HONORS for The Most Refractory Medium: Albert Renger-Patzsch, Edward Weston, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Photographic Discourse Circa 1929 (Advisor: Todd Cronan) 


Caitlin Ryan
(senior, double-major with Anthropology) FIRST PLACE ($200) for Temporal Structures in Jerome Nadal's "Adnotationes et Meditationes in Evangelia" (for Walter Melion, ARTHIST 759R: Printmaking in Antwerp, 1550-1650, Fall 2012) 

Peter Boudreau
(senior, double-major with Italian) SECOND PLACE ($100) for When Did the "Sodomite" Leave Sodom? A Discourse on the Iconography of the Sodomite (for Elizabeth Pastan, ARTHIST 475: Representing the Other in Medieval Art, Sp 2012) 


Kendyll Gross (junior) 
Kendyll intends to visit the so-called Bennett Monolith in Tiwanaku, Bolivia, an ancient site close to the capital city of La Paz. Her goal is to study this Ancient American monument, tracing its elaborate carvings, which have not been re-examined since they were first published by the archaeologist Arthur Posnansky in 1945. She hopes better to understand how symmetry functioned as an organizing principle for the Wari/Tiwanaku carvers, and also more precisely to identify the various figurative and abstracted motifs they incorporated into their sculpture. More generally, she hopes to gain insights in the Wari and Tiwanaku cultures by visiting several museums in La Paz, including the Museo Arqueologico di Tiwanaku and the Museo de Etnografia y Folklore. 

PHI BETA KAPPA/2012-2013
These students were recognized for their outstanding academic work and intellectual promise. Each also named a faculty member for excellent teaching. 

Caitlin Ryan
(senior, double-major with Anthropology) Fall 2012 - named faculty member: Todd Cronan 

Kristen Nelson
(senior) Spring 2013 - named faculty member: Dorothy Fletcher 


Li-Hsuan (Lilia) Chen
(also BBA/Finance) Accepted to East Asian Art & Archaeology Program in the School of Oriental & African Studies at the University of London (decision pending) while considering other MA programs in East Asian Art/Studies 

Daniel Ledford
(minor; Religion & Classical Civilization major) Yale University, Master's in Religion 

Samantha (Sam) Owens
Accepted to an archaeological conservation grad program at University College London (acceptance declined) 

William (Will) Partin III
(double-major with Music) PhD program in Art History at UNC Chapel Hill, NC, with a 5-year Merit Assistantship 

Hannah Perry
(double-major with Arabic Studies) MA program in Museum and Gallery Practice at UCL Qatar in Doha 

Sara Tasini
NYU Steinhardt for Visual Arts Administration 

Taylor Trew
(AH/VA Joint major) School of the Museum of Fine Arts/Boston for a post bac program (received a partial merit scholarship to attend) 


(Sam) Owens (senior) Conservation Intern at the MoMA, NYC 

Sarah Parks
Intern at NC Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC, with Adult Programs in the Education Dept. 


Clare Mullins
(junior) Student Archaeologist at Samothrace with Prof. Bonna Wescoat 

Emma Whitaker
(senior, also Arch Studies Minor) Harvard Career Discovery Program in Architecture 


Jennifer Ashiru
(junior, AH/VA joint major) Macmillan Publishers/NYC in web development (for Quick and Dirty Tips) 

Naomi Kramer
(junior) Gagosian Gallery/NYC 

Wilma Qiu
(junior, Goizueta B-School; AH/VA Joint major) Working for PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)/ATL in management consulting 

Sara Tasini
(senior) Intern at the Holden Luntz Gallery in Palm Beach, FL 

Ian Trutt
(rising junior; Arch Stud minor, Playwriting major) Intern at RailX, LLC 

2012/2013 INTERNSHIPS 

Daleanice (Dale) Barkins
(senior) Intern at EDL Art Consultants LLC/Atlanta 

Li-Hsuan (Lilia) Chen
(also BBA/Finance) Intern in Client Development/Asian Art, Christie's/NYC (Summer 2012) 

Sana Chopra
(minor) Whitespace Gallery (Sp 2013) 

William (Will) Partin III
(senior; double-major with Music)) Curatorial Intern of Modern/Contemporary Art, High Museum/Atlanta 

Magenta Williams
(rising senior) Intern at Hartman Private Law (ongoing) 


Daleanice (Dale)
full-time employment in sales support with LeftBank Art/Atlanta Accepted into MA program at Sotheby's Institute of Art/London (decision pending) 

Marni Baron
(also BBA) Employment at Mercer (a consulting firm) in NYC starting July 2013 as a Human Capital Analyst 

Sana Chopra
(minor) Internship at Saffronart Gallery/NYC for Sept 2013-June 2014 

Calleson (Calley) Edwards
Assistant buyer for the wholesale division of Free People in Philadelphia 

Alexandra (Alle') Fuller
(minor, Chem major) Postbacc fellowship at National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for a year. Will apply to graduate school after that (possibly in Conservation Science). Had a Katzenberger Art History Internship, Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC in Summer 2012. 

Jaclyn (Jackie) Gaylis
Working at the Center for Healthier Communities and Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego 

Tatiana Han
Research at the Winship Cancer Institute/Emory with a professor of radiation oncology 

Rica Haraguchi
(AH/VA joint major) Accepted full-time employment from AEON Amity Corporation in Japan, which trains/employs teachers of English in Japan 

Ariel Kaminsky
(double-major with Psychology) Accepted to Sotheby's Art Business Program (deferred for a year) 

Caitlin Ryan
(double-major with Anthropology) 2013-14 Arts Associate for the Center for Creativity & Arts at Emory 

Chloe Saeks
(AH/VA Joint major) Teach for America Corps Member: St. Louis Region 

Elizabeth (Ibit) Scott
(graduated Dec 2012) Intern at Hermès in Naples, FL, with plans to pursue a career with the company in the near future 


Marni Baron
(also BBA) Excellence in Business Communications award (B-School) 

Calleson (Calley) Edwards
All-UAA Conference award in the 4x800 meter relay in Outdoor Track 

Daniel Ledford
(minor; Religion & Classical Civilization major) 100 Senior Honorary 

Clare Mullins
Mortar Board 2013-2014 

William (Will) Partin III
(senior; double-major with Music) Nominated twice for the Georgia College Press Association's Best Feature Story 

Ryan Rusiecki
(rising junior) recognized in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 

Ian Trutt
(rising junior; Arch Stud minor, Playwriting major) Recipient of two Emory student theater awards in 2012-13 Writing a screenplay about the Eiffel Tower. Will direct one of his plays in student theater in Fall 2013 

Charlotte (Charlie) Watts
(AH/VA Joint major) Ongoing residency with The Creatives Project at the Goat Farm. Accepted into the Dashboard CO-OP Received grants in 2012-13 from the Office of Cultural Affairs Atlanta and STIPE her project The Throwaways, a photographic exploration of sex trafficking in Atlanta 

Magenta Williams
(rising senior) Scholarship from the Tam Institute of Jewish Studies for the European Jewish Sephardi Culture study abroad program (Summer 2013)