Sidney Kasfir


Sidney L. Kasfir

Professor Emerita

Art History Department
Emory University
140 Carlos Hall
Atlanta, GA 30322


Curriculum Vitae

SIDNEY L. KASFIR (Ph.D., School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 1979)

Research Interests

Idoma masquerade and sacred kingship (Nigeria); Samburu blacksmiths (Kenya); contemporary urban and tourist art (Kenya, Uganda); museum representation (USA, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa).

Selected Publications

Central Nigeria Unmasked: Arts of the Benue River Valley, ed. Marla Berns, Richard Fardon and Sidney Kasfir (4 chapters), 2011, UCLA Fowler Museum, 603 pp.

African Art and the Colonial Encounter: Inventing a Global Commodity, 2007.

Contemporary African Art, Thames and Hudson, 1999.

West African Masks and Cultural Systems (ed.), Musée Royal de l'Afrique Centrale, Tervuren, 1988.

Rethinking the Workshop: African Art and Agency (ed., with Till Förster--forthcoming).

Articles on art and authenticiy, masks and masquerading, artists and the workshop, artisanal practice, self-representation.

Selected Seminars

"Primitivism" and Modern Art (with Clark Poling); Art and Commodity; Masks and Theory; The Ethnographic Object: Issues of Collection and Display.