Sidney Kasfir



Professor Emerita

Curriculum Vitae

Sidney L. Kasfir (Ph.D., School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 1979)

Research Interests

Idoma masquerade and sacred kingship (Nigeria); Samburu blacksmiths (Kenya); contemporary urban and tourist art (Kenya, Uganda); museum representation (USA, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa).

Selected Publications

Central Nigeria Unmasked: Arts of the Benue River Valley, ed. Marla Berns, Richard Fardon and Sidney Kasfir (4 chapters), 2011, UCLA Fowler Museum, 603 pp.

African Art and the Colonial Encounter: Inventing a Global Commodity, 2007.

Contemporary African Art, Thames and Hudson, 1999.

West African Masks and Cultural Systems (ed.), Musée Royal de l'Afrique Centrale, Tervuren, 1988.

Rethinking the Workshop: African Art and Agency (ed., with Till Förster--forthcoming).

Articles on art and authenticiy, masks and masquerading, artists and the workshop, artisanal practice, self-representation.

Selected Seminars

"Primitivism" and Modern Art (with Clark Poling); Art and Commodity; Masks and Theory; The Ethnographic Object: Issues of Collection and Display.