Elizabeth Carson Pastan - Books

The Bayeux Tapestry and its Contexts, Elizabeth Carson Pastan

The Bayeux Tapestry and its Contexts: A Reassessment, with Stephen D. White and Kate Gilbert (Woodbridge: The Boydell Press, 2014).

Journal of Glass - Elizabeth Carson Pastan

Elizabeth Carson Pastan and Mary B. Shepard, co-editors, special section, "Stained Glass: Collaborations, Analogies, and Investigations," Journal of Glass Studies, vol. 56 (2014): 229-350.


Imagined Patronage - Elizabeth Carson Pastan
Co-organizer, author of the Foreword, and of “Imagined Patronage: the Bayeux Embroidery and its Interpretive History,” in Medieval Patronage: Power & Agency in Medieval Art, ed. Colum Hourihane, Index of Christian Art, Princeton, Occasional Papers XV (Princeton: The Index of Christian Art, Dept. of Art and Archaeology, Princeton University, in association with the Pennsylvania State University Press, 2013), xi-xii, and 54-75.


Four Modes of Seeing - Elizabeth Carson Pastan

The Four Modes of Seeing: Approaches to Medieval Imagery in honor of Madeline Harrison Caviness, co-editor with Evelyn Staudinger Lane and Ellen Shortell (Oxford: Ashgate Publishers, 2009).

Les vitraux du choeur de la cathédrale de Troyes - Elizabeth Carson Pastan


Les vitraux du choeur de la cathédrale de Troyes (XIIIe siècle), co-authored with Sylvie Balcon, Corpus Vitrearum France, vol. II (Paris: Comité des travaux historiques et scientifiques [CTHS], 2006).