Rebecca R. Stone

Rebecca Stone

Professor Emerita

Art History Department
Emory University
127 Carlos Hall
Atlanta, GA 30322


Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Stone has retired to Santa Fe New Mexico where she is writing a memoir with her mother, to be entitled Maneuvers: An American Family Living in Occupied Prague, 1968-69. She also has started a website ( presenting her continuing educational initiatives.

Research Interests

Andean art and architecture (with an emphasis on textiles); Costa Rican sculpture; museology; perceptual theory; art and shamanism.

Selected Publications

Online catalogue Threads of Time: Tradition and Change in Indigenous American Textiles, 2017 to present (, with contributions by Dr. Dorie Reents-Budet, Dr. Shelley A. Burian, Renee Stein, M.S., Ms. Patricia Ewer, and Elizabeth Caris, M.A..

Art of the Andes from Chavin to Inca, 3rd edition (World Art series) Thames and Hudson, Ltd., September 2012. (Under the name Rebecca Stone).

The Jaguar Within: Shamanic Trance in Ancient Central and South American Art. Universithy of Texas Press, July 2011. (Under the name Rebecca Stone).

Seeing with New Eyes: Highlights of the Michael C. Carlos Museum Collection of Art of the Ancient Americas. Michael C. Carlos Museum/University of Washington Press. 2002.

Winner of the Association for Latin American Art, 2002 International Book of the Year Award, awarded February 2003, New York City.

Winner of first prize by the Printing Association of Georgia, 2002.

Art of the Andes from Chavin to Inca, Thames and Hudson, 1995.

To Weave for the Sun: Andean Textiles in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 1992. (Reprinted by Thames and Hudson, London and New York, under the title To Weave for the Sun: Ancient Andean Textiles, 1994). (Under the name Rebecca Stone-Miller).

Articles on Chavin and Wari textiles, periodization, and camelid imagery

Work in Progress

Flowers in the Dark: Sacred Plants in Ancient American Art and Culture.

Selected Seminars

Textiles of the Americas; Ancient American Sculpture and Museology; Inca Art and Architecture; Art of the Intermediate Area.