Art History Major

Eleven courses (minimum 35 credit hours)

Three (3) core courses

  • ARTHIST 101 and ARTHIST 102, the foundational Art History courses
  • Either ARTVIS 111 or ARTVIS 112, Foundations in Art Practices, or another Visual Arts course
Eight (8) elective courses, including
  • One course (any level) in each of the four regional–historical divisions:
I. Ancient Mediterranean art & architecture (Egypt, Greece, and Rome)
II. Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque art & architecture (Europe)
III. Modern and contemporary art & architecture (after 1800; global)
IV. Arts & architecture of Africa, Islam, Asia, and the indigenous Americas

  • One 400-level seminar, which may also satisfy the regional-historical distribution requirement, above.
  • Three (3) courses at the 300 level (or above), which may also satisfy the regional-historical distribution requirement, above.

Up to two (2) of the maker and materials courses may count as electives toward the major. These
courses include ARTHIST 103, Understanding Architecture; ARTHIST 104, Great Buildings; ARTHIST
210, Introduction to Computer-Aided Design; ARTHIST 212, Intro to Digital Art History; ARTHIST 387,
Issues in Art Conservation; and ARTHIST 388, Technical Art History.


Click here for the Art History Major Requirements Checklist.

The Small Print

Pass/fail: No more than one course taken S/U may be applied to the major, and seminars (400-level
courses) must be taken for a letter grade to satisfy the major requirement.

Study abroad: Two courses completed in approved study-abroad programs may be used to fulfill
elective requirements for the major; students may petition the department to allow a third.

Independent study: No more than three hours of Supervised Reading and Research (ARTHIST 398) may
be applied to the major.

Internships: Unless completed as part of the Museum Concentration, an internship (ARTHIST 397)
may not be applied to the major.

Honors: Honors students are required to take one graduate-level seminar, which may be used to fulfill
a requirement for the major (though not the Continuing Writing Requirement for the GER).
The Honors course itself, ARTHIST 495, does not count toward the major.



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