Dorothy Fletcher Paper Prize

The Dorothy Fletcher Paper Prize is awarded annually to an outstanding research paper in the history of art. More information, the 2019 Call for Submissions, and Cover Sheet can be found here.

Honors Program

Honors Graduates 2017

Requirements for enrollment in the Honors Program in the Art History Department in general conform to the regulations set out by Emory College.

Students who have a GPA of 3.5 or above at the end of their first three years may apply for the Art History Honors Program.  In order to remain eligible, the GPA must still be at 3.5 or above throughout the senior year.  Students interested in enrolling in the Honors Program should contact the Art History Department's Honors Coordinator during the spring semester of their junior year.  Outstanding majors are encouraged to apply; final selection of participants, however, rests with the Art History Department. 

Students in the Art History Honors Program must complete an Honors thesis, normally between thirty and fifty pages in length.  They are also required to enroll in one advanced seminar, which is usually at the graduate level, and typically, though not necessarily, in a subject related to that of their thesis.  In addition to the seminar, students must enroll in ARTHIST 495 in both the fall and spring semesters, during which time they research and write a thesis under the supervision of a faculty member.  The preliminary research is presented to faculty and students at a symposium at the end of the fall semester. The thesis is then defended orally in the spring before a committee of three examiners, one of whom must be a professor from outside the Art History department.

Students who are interested in enrolling in the Honors program need to choose the area in which they wish to write a thesis, identify a topic or question they wish to explore, and contact the appropriate faculty member to see if he or she is able to work with them. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for professors to accept Honors students. Although students cannot officially register in the program until the fall, it is necessary to establish a topic and advisor in the Spring semester of the junior year, so that a one-page thesis proposal can be written in consultation with the advisor. This must be accepted by the department before the end of the semester. Students are then invited to participate in the Honors program.

Once the proposal is accepted, it is advisable to begin initial reading and research over the summer. If the student is intending to go on to study art history at the graduate level, writing an Honors thesis will be a particularly valuable experience.

Students who have questions, or who would like to discuss in more detail what is involved in the Honors program, should contact the Art History Department at 404.727.6282, where they will be directed to the Honors Coordinator.

General Honors Program information.

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There are many opportunities for Art History students to gain hands-on experience working in their areas of interest. Below are links to the internship requirements and lists of museums and galleries approved by the Art History Department:

Internship Opportunities and Guidelines

Contact sheet for Atlanta Area and Georgia

Contact sheet - National Listings

Michael C. Carlos Museum, Emory

Semester Study Abroad

AntinooStudy abroad is an enriching experience for Art History majors and minors that is actively encouraged by the department. 

Emory College Study Abroad administers and provides support for Emory's Study Abroad Programs.  

Art History majors and minors are generally allowed to take two courses for major or minor credit during a semester abroad. Internships are also possible with several of the established programs listed below, but must be approved in advance.

Emory Approved Programs with excellent Art History course offerings include:

ROME: John Cabot University; IES Rome
FLORENCE: Syracuse University
LONDON: University College London
CORTONA: University of Georgia Visual Arts Program

Students who have questions, or who would like to discuss in more detail what is involved in Study Abroad programs, should contact the Art History Department at 404-727-6282, where they will be directed to the Study Abroad Coordinator.

Summer Study Abroad in Rome

The Art History Department's Summer Study Abroad Program is located in Rome.  The Program is an intensive three week investigation of the city focused on its urban and monumental development; it is led by the department's two Rome specialists, Profs. Sarah McPhee and Eric Varner.  Students live in apartment residences in Rome and there are additional field trips often incorporated into the curriculum including sites like Pompeii, the Villa D'Este and the Villa of Hadrian at Tivoli, and Ostia. This four credit hour course is open to majors and non majors alike.