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Undergraduate Program

Art History explores human creativity expressed in visual form, throughout time and across cultures.

Art historians look beneath the surface of things. They question appearances, challenge preconceptions, and recognize the meaning of the smallest detail.

Art historians are skilled in critical thinking and persuasive argument, in scholarly research and expository writing. These abilities are the bedrock of the liberal arts, and refining them is a valuable preparation for any profession.

Art History majors leave Emory prepared to pursue careers as scholars, artists, architects, animators, web designers, urban planners, conservators, historic preservationists, art librarians, educators, visual-resource specialists, museum curators, gallerists, landscape architects, and art educators; but many will also work as lawyers, physicians, editors, and entrepreneurs because art historians flourish in any field that values informed visual thinking and clear communication.

At Emory, the Art History faculty includes specialists in the arts of Europe, Africa, and the Americas from antiquity to the present day.

We also offer courses in Visual Arts, including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and graphic design.

Members of our department are former or practicing museum curators, studio artists, and art conservators. Many of us are engaged in digital humanities projects.

Because we especially value the study of original objects, we draw extensively on the rich resources of the Michael C. Carlos Museum and the Stuart A. Rose Manuscripts, Archives, and Rare Book Library.

Studying Art History at Emory